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Article Submissions

The ILR encourages submission of articles, essays, and book reviews based on public or private international law, comparative law, or related issues. We do not currently publish submissions from J.D. candidates other than ILR members.

Citations to authority should be contained in footnotes. All references to facts or thoughts other than the author’s must be substantiated by reference to at least one authoritative source. Footnotes should be cross-referenced. The editorial staff reserves the right to transfer text to the footnotes or vice versa.

Style and Citation Guidelines
The ILR follows the latest editions of A Uniform System of Citations (The Bluebook), The Chicago Manual of Style, and the ILR Style Guide. The editorial staff reserves the right to modify text so that it conforms with these guidelines.

Technical Requirements
Articles, essays, and book reviews should be typed in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format. Submissions may be emailed directly to submissions@gwilr.org or submitted through ExpressO. Authors should include a copy of their curriculum vitae and an abstract.

Questions regarding submissions should be directed to the Executive Articles Editor at gwilr.gwu@gmail.com.

Questions regarding subscriptions should be directed to the Administrative Editor at ilradmin@law.gwu.edu or (202) 994-4601.