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Volume 45, Number 2


Remarks submitted as part of the Half-Day Colloquium on Suspension and Debarment sponsored by the World Bank and the Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development on October 9, 2012, at the World Bank headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Cross-Debarment: A Stakeholder Analysis (PDF)
by Christopher R. Yukins

The Congressional War on Contractors (PDF)
by Jessica Tillipman

Coordinating the Fight against Corruption Among MDBs: The Past, Present, and Future of Sanctions (PDF)
by Frank A. Fariello, Jr. and Conrad C. Daly

Questionable Assumptions: The Case for Updating the Suspension and Debarment Regimes at the Multilateral Development Banks (PDF)
by Hans-Joachim Priess


The Self-Cleaning Dilemma: Reconciling the Competing Objectives of Procurement Processes (PDF)
by Roman Majtan


The Time of Human Justice & the Time of Human Beings: Belgium v. Senegal & Temporal Restraints on the Duty to Prosecute (PDF)
by Trent Buatte

Multifaceted Migration Management: Bilateral Mobility Partnerships in the European Union (PDF)
by Heather Jelen