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Volume 44, Number 1


Promoting Social Change in Asia and the Pacific: The Need for a Disability Rights Tribunal to Give Life to the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (PDF)
by Michael L. Perlin

Superior Responsibility and the Principle of legality at the ECCC (PDF)
by Rehan Abeyratne

Public Exposure: Of Burqas, Secularism, and France’s Violation of European Law (PDF)
by Adam Scott Kunz


Convicting Inhumanity In Absentia: Holding Trials In Absentia at the International Criminal Court (PDF)
by Gary J. Shaw

Authorizing Piracy on the Cyber Seas: An Initiative to Compensate Rights Holders of Sound Recordings by Making Music Free (PDF)
by William Wallace


Margins of Conflict: The ECHR and Transitions to and from Armed Conflict (PDF)

The Power & Purpose of International Law: Insights from the Theory &
Practice of Enforcement (PDF)