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Volume 44, Number 3


Is “Defamation Of Religions” Passé? The United Nations, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, And Islamic State Practices: Lessons from Pakistan (PDF)
by Javaid Rehman & Stephanie E. Berry

ICESCR Minimum Core Obligations and Investment: Recasting the Non-Expropriation Compensation Model during Financial Crises (PDF)
by Diane A. Desierto

Witness Intimidation in International Trials: Balancing the Need for Protection Against the Rights of the Accused (PDF)
by Andrew Trotter


“Think you can Steal our Caravaggio and Get Away with it? Think Again.” An Analysis of the Italian Cultural Property Model (PDF)
by Monica R. DiFonzo


Customary Justice and the Rule of Law in War-Torn Societies (PDF)

Regulation of Issuers and Investor Protection in the US and EU: a Transatlantic Comparison of the Basics of Securities and Corporate Law (PDF)