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Volume 43, Number 1


The Policy Requirement in Crimes Against Humanity: Lessons from and for the Case of Kenya (PDF)
by Thomas Obel Hansen

Pre-Planning for Post-Conflict Property Remedies: A Case Study from Georgia (PDF)
by Megan J. Ballard

Reconsidering Trials In Absentia at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon: An Application of the Tribunal’s Early Jurisprudence (PDF)
by Maggie Gardner


Enforcing Enforcement: Is the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention’s Peer Review Effective? (PDF)
by Andrew Tyler

Monitoring Afghanistan’s 2009 Presidential Election: How the Withdrawal of International Aid Impeded Democratic Progress (PDF)
by Jenna Kessler

Re-Trafficked Victims: How a Human Rights Approach Can Stop the Cycle of Re-Victimization of Sex Trafficking Victims (PDF)
by Cherish Adams


Stones Of Hope: How African Activists Reclaim Human Rights To Challenge Global Poverty (PDF)

Transitional Justice In Balance: Comparing Processes, Weighing Efficacy (PDF)