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Volume 43, Number 4


2010-2011 Return of High Food Prices: Implications for the Future and Steps that are being or Could be Taken to Reduce the Impact (PDF)
by Terence P. Stewart & Stephanie R. Manaker

Warning: Investment Agreements are Dangerous to Your Health (PDF)
by Deborah Sy


Protecting its Own: Support for Russia’s Federal Law on the Counteraction of Terrorism (PDF)
by Clare Cavaliero

Giving a Country of Pirates a Chance: Using the Three-Step Test to Accommodate the Shifting of National Attitudes on Copyright Protection (PDF)
by Sara D. Marshman

Addressing the Problem of Orbital Pollution: Defining a Standard of Care to Hold Polluters Accountable (PDF)
by Lauren Bressack

Multilateralism and the Failure of the Status Quo: The Case for Bilateral Climate Negotiations Between the United States and India (PDF)
by Andrew Caplan


The Supreme Court of India’s Jurisprudence on Social Rights, Welfare, and Secularism (PDF)
by Rajeev Kadambi