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Volume 42, Number 3


Healthcare Disputes across National Boundaries: The Potential for Arbitration (PDF)
by Deth Sao, Amar Gupta, & Gantz

China’s Rule of Law Mirage: The Regression of the Legal Profession Since the Adoption of The 2007 Lawyers Law (PDF)
by Elizabeth M. Lynch

Binding the United Nations to Human Rights Norms by Way of the Laws of Treaties (PDF)
by Noelle Quenivet


Coming to the Table: Why Corporations Should Advocate for Legal Norms for the Protection of Indigenous Rights (PDF)
by Adam Walczak

A New Age of Privacy Protection: A Proposal for an International Personal Data Privacy Treaty (PDF)
by Ariel E. Wade

Questioning Authority: A Case for the International Criminal Court’s Prosecution of the Current Sudanese President, Omar Al-Bashir (PDF)
by Rachel Bohlen