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Volume 42, Number 4


Trade and Climate Change: Unveiling the Principle of Common but Differentiated Responsibilities from the WTO Agreements (PDF)
by Fabio Morosini

Iraq’s Constitutional Mandate to Justly Distribute Water: The Implications of Federalism, Islam, International Law and Human Rights (PDF)
by Sharmila L. Murthy

Regime Conflicts and the U.N. Security Council:  Applying the Law of Responsibility (PDF)
by Kristen E. Boon


India’s Hijras: The Case for Transgender Rights (PDF)
by Amisha R. Patel

The Right to Silence at Risk: Neuroscience-Based Lie Detection in the United Kingdom, India, and the United States (PDF)
by Erin B. Pulice


Accountability for Human Rights Violations by International Organizations, Edited by Jan Wouters, Eva Brems, Stefaan Smis, & Pierre Schmitt (PDF)