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Volume 45, Number 3


The International Law Commission and the Development of International Investment Law (PDF)
by James Harrison

The Derecognition Approach: Government Illegality, Recognition, and Non-Violent Regime Change (PDF)
by Danny Auron

Towards an Extraterritorial Application of the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law that Avoids Trade Conflicts (PDF)
by Michael Faure & Xinzhu Zhang


Killer Games and GATS:  Why the WTO Should Permit Germany to Restrict Market Access to Violent Online Video Games (PDF)
by Nicholai Diamond

The Data Protection Directive as Applied to Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses: Uniting the Perspective of the European Commission with the Jurisprudence of Member States (PDF)
by Aleksandr V. Litvinov


Global Legal Pluralism, by Paul Schiff Berman (PDF)