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Volume 45, Number 4


Realizing Socio-Economic Rights Under Emerging Global Regulatory Frameworks: The Potential Impact of Privatization and the Role of Companies in India and China (PDF)
by Larry Catá Backer

How China Uses International Trade to Promote Its View of Human Rights (PDF)
by Daniel C.K. Chow

Cleaning up the Dragon’s Fountain: Lessons from the First Public Interest Lawsuit Brought by a Grassroots NGO in China (PDF)
by Jessica Scott

Demonstrating Positive Obligations: Children’s Rights and Peaceful Protest in International Law (PDF)
by Aoife Daly


One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Tailoring Cambodia’s Anticorruption Strategy (PDF)
by Antonio G. David

UNESCO and the Belitung Shipwreck: The Need for a Permissive Definition of “Commercial Exploitation” (PDF)
by Patrick Coleman