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Volume 49: Number 3

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Volume 46, Number 3


Comparative Law Study and Analysis of National Legislation Relating to Crimes Against Humanity and Extrajudicial Jurisdiction (PDF)
by Arturo J. Carrillo & Annalise K. Nelson


Climate Change, International Trade, and Response Measures: Options for Mitigating Climate Change Without Harming Developing Country Economies (PDF)
by Chris Wold, Don Gourlie, & Amelia Schlusser

A Defense of Japanese Sovereignty over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands (PDF)
by Ryan M. Scoville

Crime and Punishment: Assessing Deterrence Theory in the Context of Somali Piracy (PDF)
by Yvonne M. Dutton


Rescuing the Future of the International Coffee Trade with a Voluntary Certification and Labeling Scheme (PDF)
by Bethany Gullman

Stateless with Nowhere To Go: A Proposal for Revision of the Right of Return According to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (PDF)
by Jessica Leal


Global Justice and International Economic Law: Three Takes, by Frank J. Garcia (PDF)