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Volume 47, Number 1


Reconstructing International Law as Common Law (PDF)
by Frederic G. Sourgens

Trademark Squatting and the Limits of the Famous Marks Doctrine in China (PDF)
by Daniel C.K. Chow

Preferring One’s Own Civilians: May Soldiers Endanger Enemy Civilians More Than They Would Endanger Their State’s Civilians? (PDF)
by Iddo Porat & Ziv Bohrer

Disparity and Conflict: Envisioning Postnational Peace in the Shadow of Constitutional Expansionism (PDF)
by Ming-Sung Kuo


Dysfunctional Equivalence: Why the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention Provides Insufficient Guidance in the Era of Multinational Corporations (PDF)
by Meg Beasley

Suffering in Silence: The Urgent Need to Address El Salvador’s Lack of Reproductive Rights (PDF)
by Johanna Zacarias

Book Note

Regionalism in International Investment Law, by Leon Trakman & Nicola Ranieri (PDF)