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Volume 47, Number 2


The Law Applied by International Adminisrative Tribunals: From Autonomy to Hierarchy (PDF)
by Yaraslau Kryvoi

Protecting the Parent-Child Relationship (PDF)
by Kristy Horvath & Margaret Ryznar


Four Challenges Confronting a Moral Conception of Universal Human Rights (PDF)
by Eric Blumenson


Behind the Mask of Glory: Combating Child Abuse in Olympic Boarding Schools (PDF)
by Lisa Lindhorst

Return to Your Seats and Fasten Your Seatbelts:  The European Union Encounters Turbulence in the Application of Its Airline Emissions Trading System (PDF)
by Joshua R. Thompson

Note:  The Uncertain Future of Genocide Denial Laws in the European Union (PDF)
by Sean Gorton

Book Note

National Security and Double Government (PDF)
by Michael J. Glennon