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Volume 48, Number 1


Non-State Armed Groups and the Role of Transnational Criminal Law During Armed Conflicts (PDF)
by Dan E. Stigall and Christopher L. Blakesley

The Impact of Law on the Right to Water and Adding Normative Change to the Global Agenda (PDF)
by Michael R. Ulrich

Pluralism in Practice: Moral Legislation and the Law of the WTO After Seal Products (PDF)
by Robert Howse, Joanna Langille, and Katie Sykes

The Complexity of International Criminal Trials is Necessary (PDF)
by Stuart Ford


Combating Gender Inequality at Home and at Work:  Why the International Labour Organization Should Provide Mandatory Paid Paternity Leave (PDF)
by Monica Porter

International Tax Compliance Agreements and Swiss Bank Privacy Law: A Model Protecting Principled History (PDF)
by Taylor Ball

Book Note

Technology and the Law on the Use of Force: New Security Challenges in the Twenty-First Century (PDF)