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Volume 48, Number 2


The Reporting Cycle to the United Nations Human Rights Treaty Bodies: Creating a Dialogue Between the State and Civil Society – The Israeli Case Study (PDF)
by Ayelet Levin 

India’s Participatory Model: The Right to Information in Election Law (PDF)
by Manoj Mate 

Sexual Violence or Rape as a Constituent Act of Genocide: Lessons form the Ad Hoc Tribunals and a Prescription for the International Criminal Courts (PDF)
by Shayna Rogers 

Trading Cybercrime for Jobs and Commerce or Paying Up: Using the WTO to Combat Cybercrime (PDF)
by Patrick Stewart 


A Call for Sanctions: Argentina’s Black Market Currency Whitening and Violations in International Anti-Money Laundering Conventions and Protocols (PDF)
by Abra Metz-Dworkin 

Book Review

Offshore Oil and Gas Development in the Arctic Under International Law: Risk and Responsibility (PDF)