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Volume 48, Number 3


Cross-Border Insolvency Law and Multinational Enterprise Groups:  Judicial Innovation as an International Solution (PDF)
by Sandeep Gopalan & Michael Guihot 

Recognizing the Limitations of WTO Dispute Settlement – the Peru – Price Bands Dispute and Sources of Authority for Applying Non-WTO Law in WTO Disputes (PDF)
by Stephanie Hartmann 

International Criminal Courts in Action:  The ICTR’s Effect on Death Penalty and Reconciliation in Rwanda (PDF)
by Sigall Horovitz 

State Succession in Respect of International Responsibility (PDF)
by Pavel Sturma 


Article 78:  Egypt’s Institutionalized Attack on the Right to Access Foreign Funding (PDF)
by Marjorie Truwit 

Book Review

Forests in International Law:  Is There Really a Need for an International Forest Convention (PDF)