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Volume 49, Number 4

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Volume 49, Number 4


African Judicial Review, the Use of Comparative African Jurisprudence, and the Judicialization of Politics (PDF)
by Joseph M. Isanga




Sustainability, Common Concern, and Public Goods (PDF)
by Rafael Leal-Arcas

The Evolutionary Interpretation of Treaties and the Right to Marry: Why Article 23(2) of the ICCPR Should Be Reinterpreted to Encompass Same-Sex Marriage (PDF)
by Oscar I. Roos and Anita Mackay



Strength in Transparency: Mitigating Systemic Risk Through Harmonization of Reporting Requirements for OTC Derivatives (PDF)
by Ian Acker




When a Stranger Isn’t the Danger: International Child Abduction and the Necessity of Mandatory Preventative Measures in the European Union (PDF)
by Alexandra GaldosĀ