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Volume 40, Number 1


“Babushka Said Two Things–It Will Either Rain or Snow; It Either Will or Will Not”: An Analysis of the Provisions and Human Rights Implications of Russia’s New Law on Non-Governmental Organizations as Told Through Eleven Russian Proverbs (PDF)
by Robert C. Blitt

Law-Making Through the Operational Activities of International Organizations (PDF)
by Ian Johnstone

Is Fame All There Is? Beating Global Monopolists At Their Own Marketing Game (PDF)
by Doris Estelle Long

How Well Do U.S. Judgments Fare in Europe? (PDF)
by Samuel P. Baumgartner

Jus Ad Bellum in the Age of WMD Proliferation (PDF)
by Daniel H. Joyner


Guilt By Association: Transnational Gangs and the Merits of a New Mano Dura (PDF)
by Melissa Siskind

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