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Volume 41, Number 4


Introduction—Civil Religions: Models and Perspectives (PDF)
Silvio Ferrari

Is Laïcité the Civil Religion of France? (PDF)
Blandine Chelini-Pont

Laïcité as Civil Religion: An Italian-American Perspective (PDF)
Pasquale Annicchino

Civil Religion in France: The Gallican Hypothesis (PDF)
Emmanuel Tawil

Civil Religion in Italy: A “Mission Impossible”? (PDF)
Alessandro Ferrari

The New American Civil Religion: Lessons for Italy (PDF)
Andrew Koppelman

Why Are We Talking about Civil Religion Now?: Comments on “Civil Religion in Italy: A ‘Mission Impossible’?” By Alessandro Ferrari (PDF)
Winnifred Fallers Sullivan

American Civil Religion: An Idea Whose Time Is Past (PDF)
Frederick Gedicks

Obama and the American Civil Religion from the Political Left (PDF)
David Fontana

American Civil Religion As Seen from France (PDF)
Pierre-Henri Prélot

A Religious Basis of Liberal Democracy (PDF)
Michael Perry

The Changing Civil Religion of Secular Europe (PDF)
Marco Ventura

Sacralization of the State and Secular Nationalism: Foundations of Civil Religion in Turkey (PDF)
Talip Kucukcan

Afterword—Creation and Preservation in the Constitution of Civil Religion (PDF)
Brett Scharffs