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The Guide To International Legal Research

The Guide to International Legal Research is an authoritative and comprehensive reference tool for law students and practitioners. Authored annually by the George Washington International Law Review, the Guide is designed to assist both novices and professionals with their international legal research. Following an introduction by Professor Christopher J. Borgen, the Guide is organized into two parts. In the first part, chapters are divided by regions. Each chapter contains an overview of the geopolitical climate in each region and lists government resources, legal resources, media resources, and resources by topic. Where appropriate, these sources are subdivided by country. Many of the chapters discuss both general multi-national organizations as well as international trade organizations and agreements that are specific to the region. The Guide also provides an overview of what each source covers and how it can be most effective.

The second part of the Guide covers substantive areas of international law, including general international law, public health law, space law, human rights law, intellectual property, international trade, international business transactions, environmental law, labor law, and international security law. Much like the regional sections, the substantive chapters begin with a section on international governance followed by a section on secondary sources pertinent to that subject area. Its small size and user-friendly nature both make the Guide to International Legal Research an invaluable research tool and an important time-saving resource for international legal research.


If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the Guide, please contact our publisher, Lexis-Nexis, at 1-800-533-1646 or goo.gl/dtqQk. When ordering, please specify which edition and what for format (hard copy or eBook) you would like to purchase. The 2017 edition sells for $488, but we do offer discounted copies to students.

2017-2018 Guide Staff:
Executive Guide EditorPriom Ahmed
Alexa DiCunzoloAlexandra D'Anna
Benjamin Herskovitz Bora Lee
Carina Tenaglia Christian Kobres
Dana Schwarz Jana Schwartz
Jared SchwalbKalena Kettering
Katelyn Young Kirsten Ryan
Kristen Shibley Mary Mikhaeel
Maryam AlSayyad Mitch Purdy
Sophia Arrighi


2016-2017 Guide Staff:
Executive Guide EditorIrene Loizou
Alexa DiCunzolo Ashley Carter
Benjamin HerskovitzBora Lee
Erick Kobres Eric Hernandez
John Ackerman Margaux Roussel
Nikita Kolomiets Priom Ahmed
Rachel Eisen Robert Pollak
Shengkai Zhao Quan Li
Zachary Andrews


2014-2015 Guide Staff:
Executive Guide EditorIsabelle Cutting
Rita Ambrosetti Nathan Kasai
Diana BaeJordan Maucotel
Christopher BairJustin Orlosky
Kelly BehrMonica Porte
Megan BenchVijay Rao
Aniqua BokhariMarjorie Truwit
Sean CallaghanZelda Vassa
Greta Iliev


2013-2014 Guide Staff:
Executive Guide EditorSoufi Mirfakhraei
Margaret BeasleyClaire Logan
Sean CallaghanJeffrey Mansbach
Isabelle CuttingJordan Maucotel
Benjamin KalishDanielle Morello
Avi KelinVicki Morris
Michael KomoJustin Orlosky
Kimberly LarsonCarly Sessions
Jessica Leal


2012-2013 Guide Staff:
Executive Guide EditorAnne Hope Newton
Nicole CataSasha Litvinov
Antonio DavidSoufi Mirfakhraei
Josh DohertyDanielle Morello
Christopher FreemanVicki Morris
David KeithlyWill Moynahan
Avi KelinCarly Sessions
AJ KornblithJoe Yarbough
Jessica Leal


2011-2012 Guide Staff:
Executive Guide EditorIris Lowery
Diana AlvarezDavid Kraemer
Nathan BilyeuMorgan Lavan
Jesse CornettSasha Litvinov
Antonio DavidWill Moynahan
Josh DohertyAnne Hope Newton
Chris FreemanJessica Newton
David KeithlyKristin Rinninger
A.J. KornblithJoe Yarbough


2010-2011 Guide Staff:
Executive Guide EditorSara Marshman
Andrew AlbergKe Li
Brock DahlIris Lowery
Jennifer FreyAndrew Miller
Sean JohnsonJessica Newton
Ryan KilpatrickAmi Shah
Adam KunzFrederic Vellucci
Lisa LederbergerKristen Ward


2009-2010 Guide Staff:
Executive Guide EditorErin Pulice
Lauren BressackSara Marshman
Brock DahlAndrew Miller
Jennifer FreySara Niazi
Briana HeymannJulia Roumm
Ryan KilpatrickBenjamin Sayagh
Sarah KnutsonEric Sidler
Ke Li


2008-2009 Guide Staff:
Executive Guide EditorErin Estey
Courtney EnlowThea Johnson
Dan GajewskiSarah Knutson
Jeremy GlenSara Niazi
Jonathan GorenAdam Pearlman
Anne Mira GuhaAmisha Patel
Ryan HawsBen Sayagh
Jeanne Hruska

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